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Elementary Students, ages 8 - 11, participate in individualized, hands-on lessons and group activities.  Our homeschool setting means students have varied seating, a relaxed environment, and regular snack and outdoor breaks in between focused study times.    Intermediate Group is also on this schedule through age 13 to provide a place for students that need to move around more even though they are completing middle school level academics.


CORE+ Tuesday & Thursday:

Individualized subjects:

Math Lessons / Math Concept Practice

Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Spelling

Grammar / Writing

Group Lessons / Activities

Math Concept Games

Spelling Bee, Grammar Games, Group Writing Activities

History, Geography, Literature

Health / PE / Recess


Enrichment Wednesday:  

Group Activities

Science Labs

Presentation Skills

Logic & Strategy Games

PE / Recess

Seasonal Activities: Monthly celebration of Holidays and Birthdays

Arts & Crafts / Games / Costume Party, Christmas Party, Valentine Exchange, Pool Party