LIFT Schoolhouse

Day School

K - 12 

Typical School Year Attendance: 




March 23 - May 28


Upcoming Enrollment Period for Fall 2021



2021-2022: September 7 - May 27

Day School

K - 12 

12 month/YEAR ROUND


January 12 - Dec 17

Spring Break: March 9 - 19

Semester Break: May 29 - June 7

Summer: Includes any 4 weeks

Winter Break: Dec 18 - Jan 10


K - 5th

Individual Sessions

Spring II: March 31 - May 21

Summer 1: June 15 - June 24

Summer II: July 13 - July 22

Summer III: August 10  - August 19

Fall I: September 15 - October 15

Fall II: October 27 - November 19

To connect with LIFT, call, text, or email for information and openings.

Founded in 2013, LIFT Homeschool is dedicated to providing a quality learning experience that children actually enjoy.  Our setting allows for movement and creativity that are part of childhood and freedom to express individuality and creativity as they find their place in the world.  


Academic lessons in math and language arts are mastery based, individualized and interactive with student progress and mastery as the goal.

Enrichment rounds out our curricula with weekly hands-on science, show & tell, recess, educational play, and monthly field trip opportunities for Elementary and Intermediate students.  

Middle and High school students can choose from lab sciences, electives, volunteering, and fine arts classes.

Middle and High School students design a unique transcript with basics like English, History, Math and Science while we help them include personalized electives, volunteer hours, and other subjects that will create a well-rounded experience as well as preparing for future endeavors.


As a hybrid homeschool program, we offer flexibility to Homeschool families and  a homeschool setting for our micro-school Day School families.


Year - Round classes are available for ages 6 - 18.

Elementary Day School

Middle & High School


Enrichment Days

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