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This site is for members of LIFT Schoolhouse. If you have not yet spoken with us about becoming a member, please call, text, or email to connect with us in person.  

If you have already gone through the steps to join, your site membership will be approved once an admin sees the notification.

Please note your referral family in the "Message to Homeschool Group Administrator" box at the bottom of this page.

Financial Policies:

All payments to LIFT Schoolhouse are non-refundable. 

Annual tuition and fees are due by August 15, 2022 for School Year 2022-2023. 

As a courtesy, payments plans may be set up for a fee prior to and with payments beginning on July 15.

Any/all payments due are based on enrollment, not attendance, thus, all payments are due in full regardless of whether or not a student attends whether due to school closures, illness, family emergencies, or vacations. 

A 60-day written notice of intent to unenroll is required and all payments are due in full during that time.

Late Payments:

If a payment will be later than the agreed upon date, please let us know. 

If it is simply a matter of needing to wait a few days and you let us know, we can usually make that work without a fee. 

If no communication has been made and payment is more than 3 days late, we may charge a late fee of $25. 

If a payment is more than 10 days late and we have had no communication from you, there is an additional $35 late fee and the student may not return to class until the account is current.

For those that prefer to use a credit card, we do have a fee-based option that alllows you to pay with a credit card for a 3% fee.

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Payment Instructions

LIFT accepts the following for payment:


Post-Dated Checks for the 15th of each month written to: LIFT Schoolhouse / turn in or mail to Jody Daniels 706 Creek Bluff Drive, Keller 76248 prior to July 15.

Zelle recurring payments to: [email protected] or 682-772-2214

For a 3% fee, the website offers a credit card option via the pay button on your invoice.

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