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Ages 12 - 18

For ages 12+ academics, our Core+ Group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and provides math, history, writing, grammar, literature, worldview, and Bible, with tutoring support and a group of fellow students with which to earn credits, practice life skills, and work on projects.

In this group, students are expected to be mature enough to follow a schedule and learn to plan their study time to complete work within our school year.  Some homework such as reading, watching a video lesson, or finishing a math or writing lesson are possible.

We provide weekly accountability, grading, and tutoring support as well as study skills and time management to plan weekly encouragement.  

For ages 12+ years, the choice on Wednesdays is Enrichment or Electives:

Middle School Enrichment is for students ages 11-13 that are not yet working on high school credits.

         Subjects are Health/PE/Nutrition, Art Classes, Presentation Skills, Logic, Strategy Games, Life Skills

HS Elective Group is for ages 12+ that are working on high school transcript credit.  

         Subjects are a choice from about 10 classes in which you can fit in at least 4 subjects.  Subjects include             Science Labs, Health, Logic, PE, ASL I, II, III, Practical Skills, Art and more.

High School Transcript Information