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Ages 12 - 18

Our Teen Group provides academic lessons, tutoring support and a group of fellow students with which to earn credits, practice life skills, and work on projects. In this group, students are expected to be mature enough to follow a schedule and learn to plan their study time to complete work within our school year.  Some students may have homework if they need more time to complete assignments but most of our work is done while here so students have time for family, extracurriculars, part-time job, volunteering, etc. We provide weekly accountability, grading, and tutoring support as well as encouragement.  This is our basic schedule of subjects although we also add electives, field trips, and activities as we solidify our group and determine their needs each semester.

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History / Civics

Bible / Literature / Writing

Math Lessons

Independent Study: Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar

Sign Language Practice Group



Science Labs



Math Lessons

Careers / Entrepreneurs

Sign Language Lessons



History / Current Events

Literature / Writing / Grammar

Math Lessons

Sign Language Practice Group