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We have a place for you at LIFT!

Do you have a subject that you love to teach?

Do you enjoy planning fun activities for kids?  

Do you enjoy organizing supplies, interacting with families, or keeping the lunchroom clean?  

See options below or send us information on skills you would like to share.

How does our Co-op work? 

    If you are interested in claiming one of the Co-op Family Roles shown below, most of which require you to stay on campus during school hours, your students qualify for the Co-op Tuition Credit.  

Everyone pays Annual Family Registration and the Curriculum and Supply Fees but see below for specific credit amount.


NEW!  2019-2020 Planning and Teaching Roles

Foundational Support Roles 

Administrative Support

Copying, laminating, filing, organizing, supply gathering, supply shopping, checking supply levels for paper, cleaning products, and other consumables, and keeping supply room organized. CURRENT: Opening Monday, Tuesday


Tuition Credit:

Skilled Administrative Role

This person would oversee specific areas of responsibility such as registration, communication, bookkeeping, and other ongoing detailed tasks. 

Hours of Coverage: At least 2 days per week at school and possibly follow up tasks if urgent during busy weeks such as Registration Times or MayMester.

1 person, CURRENT: Opening January 2020

General Support

Providing help as needed.

Hours of Coverage: 9:15 - 2:45 M-F / 30 weeks

Needed: 1 person daily CURRENT: Monday & Tuesday


Daily, Bi-Weekly, and Weekly Tasks

We will provide a detailed list, instructions, and supplies to complete any commitment. 


Event Planner

Duties: Plan and coordinate holiday celebrations, end of semester events, and graduation celebrations.

Hours: TBD

Field Trip Coordinator

Duties: Plan Field Trips with Director, Contact and set up dates with vendor, Inform eligible families, including managing the Field Trip Facebook page, Coordinate sign-ups, collect payments, coordinate transportation, including obtaining copies of insurance and DL of drivers, stay in contact with vendor as needed, attend trip and follow up with attendees as needed.

Hours: TBD - expected: weekly for 1 - 2 hours, plus attendance of trips

Tuition Credit: $40/month Aug - May

Sign Language Instructor

Duties: Teach Sign Language to students ages 9 - 18

Hours: TBD - weekly for 1 - 2 hours

Coding and Robotics Instructors

Duties: Teach Coding and Robotics to students ages 5 - 18

Hours: TBD - weekly for 1 - 2 hours


Arts & Crafts Group Leader

Can include sewing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, etc

Duties: Provide weekly or ongoing projects appropriate to each group's abilities.

Hours: TBD Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays for 1-2 hours

Elementary Spanish Instructor

Duties: Provide activities, games, projects, teaching to familiarize students with the Spanish language, vocabulary, alphabet, phonics, and pronunciation. 

Hours: TBD 1-2 hours per week