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Open House & Registration
Daniels Home near intersection shown


Homeschool Schoolhouse

Our homeschool schoolhouse idea is based on the unique setting homeschooling provides of individualizing education for core subjects and multi-level group experiences for enrichment subjects.  The idea of a schoolhouse is that we include many areas of study and enrichment so it is possible to come to one place for multiple purposes, eliminating some of the driving that is inherent in homeschooling.

As our group has grown, we have had to streamline our communication and bookkeeping processes, however, we are still a friendly group that prefers personal communication and regular contact with our families.  I still meet and talk with all families personally and am available for communication before, during, and after the enrollment process. We purposely keep our ratios low and limit our size in order to maintain a community wherein we can focus on an individualized experience for students rather than teaching from a checklist or controlling the crowds. 

There are many options available to you, whether you need to drop your child off but want them to have a homeschool setting in their education time, or you want to be here while your child/ren attend/s.

We look forward to getting to know each of you and supporting your family in the journey of educating your child/ren.