Provide an Enriched Environment for your child's BRAIN!  

Larger brains, larger dendrites, increased neural connections, and stronger synapses are scientifically shown as the result when a brain is exposed to an enriched environment.


Fall / Winter / Spring Hours

Wednesday & Friday

9:30 - 2:30

Fall Semester Wednesday Enrichment Schedule:

Main Topic: Animals/Animal Classification,

Character Trait: Orderliness/Everything In Its Place

Show & Tell (presentation skills),

Logic & Critical Thinking

optional Coding, Ukelele, Spanish

Fall Semester Friday Enrichment Schedule:

Color Theory



Board Games and Builders

optional Coding, Ukelele

Summer Hours

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

9:30 - 2:30

Themed Educational Play

Each week follows a theme using games, crafts, projects, activities, music, art, and food.

Snack and Water provided or bring your own.

Substitutions may be available for those with allergies if coordinated with us prior to session. 

We will post updates as to openings in our Summer Enrichment Program.

How do we do ENRICHMENT?


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math   

Student participate in multi-level group projects and activities,

have lunch, PE, and recess and then work on projects and games for their age group.


 Interactive lessons, critical thinking exercises, hands-on learning, and teamwork are all part of our STEAM Program. 

Some examples are;

the challenge to create a structure that withstands shaking (engineering), learning what materials make your hot wheel go faster or slower (science), create an obstacle course using area & perimeter (math), lego themed challenges (engineering), patterns and coding (technology), building a house of cardboard (art), and much more!


UNIT Study

How Do Your Prepare for the SAT's?

Hands-On History and Science Units

Using the 5 D's of Konos:






Students will DO,  DISCOVER and DRAMATIZE 

to keep and develop their love of learning and

increase their knowledge and understanding.


Excellence in academics is achieved

through  DIALOGUE and DRILL

Talking about what they have learned

gives them ownership of the topic, provides critical thinking practice, and

repetition activities and games aid 

in storing facts into long-term memory.

Interactive lessons will remain in long-term memory with the use of visuals, projects, discovery learning, discussions, writing, vocabulary games, timelines, and maps.

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