How did LIFT come about?


Mom With a Vision:


You may be too early in your homeschooling journey to wonder what you will do when your kids grow up, but LIFT founder, Jody Daniels had often pondered that thought:

"As our children have reached high school and beyond, I have missed the discovery learning and hands-on activities that we did for school during the elementary years.  I miss watching the lights go on as a child "gets" a concept for the first time, hearing their thoughts as they tell me all about an idea they got while listening to a good book, or seeing what their individual creation looks like when given an opportunity to build something."

In response to these thoughts, I have put together LIFT Schoolhouse based upon our past multi-family co-ops, but where parents can drop their kids off and we do all the lesson planning, supply gathering, and teaching for the day. 

Beyond elementary, I wanted to provide a collaborative environment for middle and high school students to take ownership of their learning and see the relevance of using communication and knowledge to interact with those around them.  



Why this format?

Having five of my own children graduate as homeschooled high schoolers, I have also seen the results of using this approach to education and how our kids have benefited from that foundation as they reached middle and high school. The hands-on and discovery learning process has been the foundation for deeper understanding as well as the critical thinking and communication skills required for any life path afterwards.  What seemed like just a fun, child-friendly activity was actually accomplishing a lot more than we could see at the time!

Visit with us to hear more about our unique approach to education and how your family may fit into the LIFT Family.

We are very excited to join with you to LIFT your children up!"