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Intermediate Elementary & Middle School

A multi-level group learning environment for core subjects and electives.


In Core subjects, students are placed according to writing ability and maturity and receive appropriate levels of challenge and support as needed.


Intermediate Elementary Language Arts is available for those ages 9 - 11 that are able to write a paragraph, have a good understanding of basic grammar, and are mature enough to complete short assignments in class or at home.  

 Middle School Language Arts is for students aged 11 - 13 that are able to write several paragraphs, have a foundational understanding of grammar, and are mature enough to take personal responsibility for themselves and their schoolwork.


Individualized lessons are taught and participation in our math concept lab for essentials practice is included. Our Math Concepts Lab incorporates activities, media, games, projects, and critical thinking challenges to enhance learning and provide a rich experience while eliminating gaps in knowledge.

Language Arts

Our Middle School English classes are literature based with an emphasis on creative expression, enjoyment of learning, and progress in oral and written communication skills.  This begins in MS English I and moves to MS English II as they progress through the 2-3 years of Middle School classes. Literature, literary elements, writing, spelling, critical thinking, handwriting, grammar, proofreading, and editing are all part of our course of study. As students become ready, they will also learn the standard styles of essay writing, editing skills, advanced literary concepts, speech, and friendly debate in MS English II.


Our Science classes are research and lab-based.  Following a three year rotation of subjects, students complete projects, experiments, demonstrations, and research under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Research and reading may be assigned in between meetings to enhance understanding prior to lab activities. 


Our History classes are taught with an emphasis on the story of history, looking at people, events, and facts combined with interesting stories and perspectives of differing groups.  Podcasts, reading of historical literature, and minor research may be assigned between class meetings.


Music, art, foreign language, and other electives may be included on a Core day upon request.