7th  - 12th Core Groups

Middle & High School Core Groups

Middle School Classes:

Math Lessons through Pre-Algebra.  

High School Math Lab Algebra 1 and beyond.


Humanities: English, Literature, Writing, Grammar, Critical Thinking, History, Geography

Middle School Science w/ Lab: 3-Year Rotation includes the following: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science


Electives: varies, may include Art, Music, PE, Life Skills, Spanish

High School Classes:

Math Lab: Self-Paced & Supervised using your choice of curriculum and support for accountability and understanding

Humanities: English, Literature, Writing, Grammar, History, Geography, Govt/Econ

High School Science w/ Lab:  Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry 1, Practical Chemistry, Practical Physics,


Electives: varies, may include Art, Drawing, Music Lessons, Volunteer Hours, Foreign Language, and more

Leadership Group: Over the year, we will focus on a set of topics and practical skills that will benefit our group of students in life and career.  Some examples are Career Exploration, Business Skills,  College Planning, Study Skills, Time Mgmt,   and other topics chosen for each groups particular interests and needs.  

Our dedicated instructors set students up for success with personal tutoring in math and writing, a friendly setting in which to participate in discussions, and a variety of input and output to keep the relevance and high interest which creates a memorable interaction with subject matter.  All of our sciences are research and lab based in which students fully participate in dissections and lab experiments. 

Connect with us to determine what your student needs to create a well-rounded transcript and prepare for future endeavors.





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