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High School Core Classes

The academic program at LIFT Schoolhouse places an emphasis on multiple aspects of student growth and development, while helping all to reach their graduation goals. Small class sizes and dedicated, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and practical educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.   Independence, accountability, personal growth, readiness for adult responsibility, concern for helping others, as well as fulfilling individual and community purposes are part of our curriculum.

Each year high school core classes include Math Lab w/ tutor, Science w/ labs, History, Literature, Essay Writing, and Grammar.  In addition, we offer a rotation of electives, independent study, lessons, and clubs.


LIFT HIGH Core Group Provides

  • Classes, Books, Supplies, Labs, and Support

  • Experienced mentoring support for student and parent

  • Help with long and short term academic planning.

  • Tutoring for Math and English

  • Curriculum, Books, and Supplies

  • Study Hall

  • Access to electives and additional studies in our Resource Library

  • Accountability and mentoring for students in completion of their goals

  • Transcript building session each year

  • Fellowship, Volunteer, Community Outreach

  • A friendly, interactive environment for your homeschooled teen to learn and grow in preparation for college, career, and life. 

LIFT HIGH Courses Provide

  • Instruction

  • Assignments

  • Lesson Planning and Schedule

  • Basic Tutoring 

  • Curriculum, Books, & Supplies

  • Class Content Sheet for keeping track of credits

  • Fellowship, Volunteer, Community Outreach

  • A friendly, interactive environment for your homeschooled teen to learn and grow while completing high school courses for credit



Our math program is based on individual placement with expert support.  Students can choose a digital or print course to complete in our Math Lab with an experienced tutor available to help with placement, planning, accountability, instruction, and support. 

Language Arts

Our High School English classes are relaxed, yet deep.  Literature is incorporated within our History studies with Essay Writing and Grammar as a separate course.  With a goal of keeping studies relevant and interesting to students, quality literature is chosen according to time period studied in History. Vocabulary and literary elements are also studied as part of this course. 

 In Essay Writing, students practice writing skills with regular free writing time in addition to individual and group instruction with an experienced teacher taking them through the steps of writing a thoughtful and solid essay.  


Our Science classes fully involve the student and they complete their own research and labs in order to understand and master subject matter.  While under the guidance of an experienced instructor, students complete projects, experiments, and demonstrations in class and assigned research and reading in between class meetings.  We have Traditional and Practical Sciences to meet needs of students on either a math-based science track or non math-based track.  


Our History classes are taught with an emphasis on the story of history, looking at people, events, and facts combined with interesting stories and perspectives of differing groups.  Podcasts, reading of historical literature, movies, and projects will be assigned between class meetings.

Electives and Community Service

I will post more as classes and instructors are confirmed for SY 2019-2020.  

Art, Music, Choir, Band, Sign Language, Sewing, Cooking, Theater, Community Service, Electrical, Auto and more are on our list of possible subjects for next school year!